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“Been staying in my flat for years, whats next?”


Are you unsure of the next property to buy when you sell?


Buying and selling requires planning;


Property Beng will give you a good plan; simplified and easy to understand.

How Many of us wishes to own ONE Singapore Private Property, before RETIRING?



Yes, most people won’t even dare dream of it. But why are many people still snapping up private properties as investments today?

Top 3 Property Achievements That Everyone Wants!

Fully Pay Flat

Wants to fully pay current Flat within 10 years and stay forever.

Own Condominiums

Wants to own a condominium, and in 15 years owning 2 or 3 Condos.


Currently owns a private property, exploring options to have an extensive portfolio.

Which is your Closest Choice? Has any of them crossed your mind these few years?

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A plan Custom-Made for you.


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Nothing fancy or extravagant, we share facts and figures. To integrate into your plans.

Aaron & Peixuan

Aaron and Peixuan have been married for11 years. And they have been staying in a HDB flat in Sengkang. They have had their flat for almost 5 years going 6 and are exploring their options of either getting another HDB flat which is near their parents and in-laws, or a Condominium… Read More…

Edmund & Jo

Edmund and Josephine are a couple with a lovely 1 year old daughter have been staying with Edmund’s family for 2 years. Their initial plan was to purchase a private property together for investment and to collect rental yield. After listening to their.. Read More…

  • How long do you plan on staying at your current property?

    Why 5 Years? Why 10 Years?


    Is it solely for convenience? What other reasons should you stay longer for?


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What My Clients Have Said:

*Names have been changed for privacy purposes*

  • “We only wanted to upgrade from our 4-Room flat to an Executive Apartment. After consulting with Andrew, we found out we have better options. And now after selling off our flat, we are staying in a 3-Room Condominium where the property has increased in value already!”

    - Mr & Mrs Tang

  • “For a long time I had never even thought that I would be able to stay in a Condominium my whole life. I was looking to purchase a 5-Room flat near my parents, and while holding on to that thought. I met up with Andrew and shared with him about my plans, and we were able to work out a plan for me to own a Condominium for own stay and for investment purposes at the same time!”

    - Mr Yang

  • “Andrew has streamlined my family’s property investment plans. He paid close attention towards our investment criteria. And he addressed all our pressing concerns with regards to our portfolio structure. Andrew has indeed prioritized our needs and addresses our cocerns before anything else.”

    - Mr & Mrs Pang

Your questions are important.

Leave all the hearsay behind. What matters most is your questions towards your property goals. Contact us today.

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