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With names changed, the numbers and timelines are slightly altered to round figures for easier explanation as case studies.

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Aaron and Peixuan have been married for 11 years. And they have been staying in a HDB flat in Sengkang. They have had their flat for almost 5 years going 6 and are exploring their options of either getting another HDB flat which is near their parents and in-laws, or a Condominium.

Weighing in the options of buying another HDB and a Condominium is something most couples do, and it is not an easy decision to make.

After explaining to them the difference in affordability and potential growth of the HDB of their choice VS the Condominium recommended.They realized that they are able to afford a 3 Room Condominium which has potential growth that will earn them more than 100K than the HDB that they are intending to buy within the same time frame of 5 years.

They did not have to top up too much for the payments because of the fact that they had their finances calculated properly before proceeding with their purchase.

Long story short, they made their move towards a 3 Room Condominium unit and forgo their choice of a HDB because they see the potential to saving money through their property investment.

Edmund and Josephine are a couple with a lovely 1 year old daughter have been staying with Edmund’s family for 2 years.

Their initial plan was to purchase an executive apartment or a jumbo flat. After listening to their plans I asked them why is the reason for them to buying a huge flat instead of another kind of property investment.

They did express that having a big space will be something they are comfortable with because Edmund’s parents stay in a landed house, they did feel that it would be best to open up to more ideas that might be better for their investment needs.

After sharing the differences between a few properties of their choice and weighing in the options that were made available to them, they actually made the decision to purchase one property for investment. So that in this manner they will be able to speed up their wealth building process in the near future.

And they are on their way to a 2nd investment property this year in 4Q2020.


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