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Dear Owners,


Would you like to upgrade your property without additional stress?

Dreams turning into Reality! Are you looking forward to learning..

Upgrade to a bigger house

Our team of distinguished gourmands craft a tailor-made menu to meet your party needs. Our flexible menus cater for all dietary requirements.

Own 2 or more properties

With contemporary, hand-crafted decor and embellishments, we transform your party space to create an atmosphere of sophistication.

Build funds from your portfolio

With contemporary, hand-crafted decor and embellishments, we transform your party space to create an atmosphere of sophistication.

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It became a reality
for many clients when it came to upgrading.


We wish to provide the best possible plans for clients who wish to have a more secure financial position for their future. For their retirements, for their early retirements, and for their next generation.

Case Study #1

I met my clients, Henry and Jo with an income of $9K whom only had one thing in mind. They wanted to upgrade from their 5-Room HDB to a Jumbo HDB.

Prior to our first meeting, they never knew that property can help them gain that extra income that they have been trying to bridge with their work income.

Thus we started off with an in-depth financial calculation and then we drew out a personalized plan for them. I was able to help them own a 4-Room condominium apartment with a reserve fund of $150K.

Today, they are enjoying their new lifestyle while still having funds for their next investment.

Case Study #2

How I met Jim was through a mutual friend. He shared with us that he was willing to pay up to $800K for a HDB flat near town.

It came to our understanding that Jim wanted to have a place which is near central business district, and spacious at the same time.

Thus we sat down and discussed further. We found out alternatively, he could own a private property and enjoy a totally different lifestyle without putting a strain on his finances.

With detailed planning, I assisted Jim in owning a $1.4m condominium with funds that can sustain his payments for at least 5 years.

Case Study #3

I met up with Steve and Kailing for an assessment for their property journey. They are a newlywed couple and are planning to start with property investing. We met up because they were very confused.

During the assessment, we aim understand their needs better. I discussed different possibilities with them on the pros and cons.

Now Steve and Kailing are proud owners of a $1.6m condominium, and will have enough reserves for funds payments easily for 3-4 years.

Drop in for a No-Obligation sharing session.

1-Hour, 60 minutes of your time to gain insight towards your property goals.
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Dear owners,
Would you aspire to have a financially stable future?

Take action today for a financially stable future.

.You are one step closer towards your goals and lifestyle.

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Just ONE hour of your time.

If you are clueless or overwhelmed with uncertainty;

If you are lost or don’t know where to begin;

If you are young and looking forward to an extensive property portfolio;

We wish to meet up with you in person to share with you in detail. You will gain valuable insight and clarity.

Drop that spoon and work the room.

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